Buzzle by Tim Story: FLAC DL

Buzzle Final Cover.jpg
Buzzle Final Cover.jpg

Buzzle by Tim Story: FLAC DL


In 2006, those who knew Tim Story as a craftsman of elegant, understated chamber music for post-moderns may have been in for a surprise with his latest release Buzzle. The creamy cello lines and hauntingly spare piano lines that listeners might have expected were certainly in short supply. But those who dove under the surface of Buzzle’s rich and seductive electronica found much that was familiar — and very Tim Story.

Story has a distinct sense of musical humor that manages to find its way onto a track or two of even his most somber and poignant work. In Buzzle, that quirky humor bubbles to the surface with regularity (as reflected in several of the track titles), relieving the dramatic tension produced by mysterious, indecipherable vocals and the curious electronic rhythms heard throughout the album. An almost subterranean thread linking these tracks is a smoky, lush abstraction that at times recalls the laconic existentialism of Portishead, Boards of Canada, and Amon Tobin. Buzzle is indeed atmospheric, enigmatic, and programmatic. But above all, it’s eminently listenable. All that Tim Story devotees love about his work is still here in spades.

This FLAC of Tim's 2017 remaster sounds pristine and spacious.


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Track List:

1. Rota 5.06

2. Prelude to Biting 2.36

3. Decelerate or Fasten 5.39

4. Vitreous 1.52

5. Monkey Builderizer 3.50

6. Pol Tees 3.43

7. Otherize 3.31

8. Dust Bale Hole 5.08

9. Cafe Kaputt 1.24

10. The Woman Singing 4.42

11. Albacranky 1.42

12. You Are Patient 4.21

13. Something Happened Here (remix) 2.43

14. Yeh! 4.06