Inlandish: FLAC DL Full Album

Inlandish Cover.jpeg
Inlandish Cover.jpeg

Inlandish: FLAC DL Full Album


Curious Music is pleased to announce high-resolution, lossless FLAC release of Inlandish by Hans-Joachim Roedelius and Tim Story available exclusively from Curious Music. Heralded as "beautifully eerie, a world unto itself" by The Guardian, and named "CD of the Week" in a five-star review by The Sunday Times when first released in 2008, this third collaboration between electronic music legend Roedelius and the American composer and producer Story was immediately acclaimed as their most inviting work, an artful blend of electronic and acoustic sounds that create a warm, welcoming, and curious collection of pieces.

Track Listing:

1. As It Were 5.05

2. Inlandish 4.25

3. Trouve 5:56

4. Downrivers 4.28

5. Ripple and Fade 3.17

6. Rooftree 1.56

7. Serpentining 5.20

8. House of Glances 6.03

9. The Orchardist 3.07

10. Riddled 4.29

11. Beforst 4.14

12. Intermittent Haiku 1.39

13. Ellipsish (bonus track) 5.55

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