Second Sight by Kate St. John- 2017 Remaster FLAC DL

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Second Sight Cover.jpg

Second Sight by Kate St. John- 2017 Remaster FLAC DL


Curious Music is pleased to announce the 2017 Tim Story remaster FLAC DL release of Kate St. John’s album Second Sight.

St. John’s second solo album, first issued in 1997 as a CD-only release on All Saints Records, offers up a rich collection of pop, classical and folk music elements addressing themes of loss, love, and (of course) lost love. St. John and co-producer Joseph Rocaille create elegant arrangements reflecting St. John’s interest in world genres, including French chanson, Tex-Mex ("A Foolish Dance"), dream-pop (“My Lonely Love”), and (in album closer “Colonel Sinnott’s Song of Love”), a kind of neo-impressionism, all drawn together by St. John’s languid, ethereal voice.

Second Sight was recorded in London and Paris and features St. John’s unique instrumentation (oboe, cor anglais, French horn, saxophone, piano, accordion) with the support of esteemed accompanists including the Paris-based Quartet Alhambra, Russian pop-star Boris Grebenshikov and his band Aquarium, English pianist Roger Eno and the lovely accordion of Sergey Schurakov.

St. John, in new liner notes, says of Second Sight:

With these instruments we wanted to create a type of world music but not in a folk music sense. It was more about painting imaginary scenarios, a picture postcard kind of travel seen through the lens of imagination as in “Notti Senza Amore,” an homage to Nino Rota where I had a vision of a sleepy Sicilian village.”

Second Sight Track Listing

1. Don’t They Know You’ve Gone

2. Where the Warm Winds Blow

3. Songs and Silhouettes

4. A Flicker of Gold

5. Fireworks

6. Notti Senza Amore

7. My Lonely Love

8. A Foolish Dance

9. J’attendrai

10. Dark Heavens

11. Dreaming Spires

12. Colonel Sinnott’s Song of Love


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