"Talking Heads" - Q & A with Hans-Joachim Roedelius

April 2018 - Record Collector Magazine

Cluster's Hans-Joachim Roedelius' Inlandish is out via US Curious Music , while this year's Symphony of Now film music is followed by Connie Walther's upcoming Die Ruden film. RC asked him if he's done anything else that fans may not know about? "Of course there are hundreds of tracks, soundscpapes, bits of music to be release within the future ."

Q: If you were to make a split 7” single with another artist/band, who would it be, and why?  

A: Tim Story, Christopher Chaplin, Christoph H. Mueller, Leonidas Muraglia.

Q: If you were to produce/remix another artist/band, who would it be, and why?  

A: Johann Sebastian Bach, a contemporary of my ancestor Johann Christian Roedelius, in Leipzig; , Arnold Schöneberg, because I want to understand his music; , Alban Berg, one of my main living supporters.

Q: Is there anyone in your family history who was a musician? 

A: Some church musicians in the 18 century.

Q: Did you ever write songs under the influence of any ‘substances’? 

 A: I’m not sure whether I wrote relevant music when I smoked joints or tripped, 

Q: Have you kept studio album notebooks ?

A: They were all written on cassettes and DATs or hard-discs.

Q: What’s the oddest place or circumstance that’s inspired a song?  

A: Forst, Germany - Der Alte Weserhof .

Q: If you had a record-listening party, which record would you play?

A: I'd play all of my records chronologically, which would need at least a month.

Q: Do you keep a diary, and do you plan a book? 

A: My whole art is a diary and there is already Das Buch, which is at

Q: Is there a myth about you that you’d like to set straight? 

A: That I’m the nice person people think I am.  I’m not. I’m privilegded to DO WHAT I WANT TO.